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As I’m sure you have already gathered…. I’m One Hungry Man!

I have food on my mind from the moment I wake up ‘till the moment I get to the land of nod.

I now live in London, and originally come from the countryside (where I met lots of “raw materials”) and have an office job during the week.

Like most working people, I find that the pressures of work and commuting can be stressful at times, and being a foodie really helps me unwind, and exercises my mind in areas and subjects not related to the day-job. My interest in food became a hobby and a way to spend my free time in what I - and fortunately my fellow diners and recipe guinea-pigs - regard as a really worthwhile pursuit. It’s a passion for me.  Reading new recipes, learning about new ingredients I’ve not heard of or used before, different ways of cooking and trying new places to eat, is what I like to do.

There’s one thing I must make clear; I’ve never wanted to be a chef. I’m a consumer of food and a passionate home cook. I get my pleasure from rustling up dinner for friends and family and reading other people’s blogs and articles.

My tastes and preferences: I’m an avid carnivore and have the sweetest tooth I know. As a child I would spoon-feed myself Golden Syrup from the tin, now, when nobody is watching, I squeeze it down my throat from the new plastic bottles! An admission: I do have a guilty pleasure; tinned hot dogs, and if no one is around to tell me off, I eat them straight from the tin, and then if there any left I’ll warm some up and have them in a roll! Yeah know, a foodie eating “eyes, bums and lips”, but they taste great! I love all things sweet as well as savoury!

I’m not sure if I have a favourite type of cuisine.  I’m often asked this, and then I make a list, so I think the answer is all!  However, I’m drawn to food that emits strong appetising smells, and food based on spices and deep flavour.   

I love eating in the local cafes and restaurants that serve amazing value home-cooked hearty food, as much as I love having a treat in a fine dining restaurant. I’m not a fussy date, and will go anywhere I can eat and have fun!

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