Asian BBQ Steak Salad #BetterBBQ

Asian BBQ Steak Salad #BetterBBQ

Following on from my Organic Meat Masterclass post, I’ve written a quick and easy salad. This salad is no ordinary salad; it has steak, fresh herbs, sweet, hot and sour dressing and looks the business with all it’s vibrant colours.

The steak I’m using here was kindly provided to me by Evergreen Organic Farm. It’s a ranch cut. You could use a sirloin, rump, fillet or rib eye.

If you do cook this please send me a tweet, OneHungryMan with hashtag #BetterBBQ also the kind folk at the Soil Association and Eversfield Organic  and make sure it’s all organic!


I’ve also included papaya here. If you can get a green papaya use this, but not everywhere sells them, your Asian supermarket may do.  These are different to what we would find in the normal supermarket and about twice the size. If you can’t get this get an unripe normal one.


It’s important to finely cut your steak, you want to be able to eat this in a mouth full with a fork. No knife needed here as all cutting is done previously.


Also, I’ve added broccoli. I’m all about the purple and tender stem variety. I think these are sweeter and more delicate and dare I say it… look nice too!


The dressing I’m using is a classic mix of Asian elements, you can change this as you see fit, some prefer it hotter, some more sour, others sweet.



How to cook

1)Get your BBQ ready to cooking temperature and sear your steak. You want your steak medium rare. Depending on how thick your cooking time will vary. (tips on cooking steak)

2) Add all your chopped veg and some most of your herbs to a bowl. Keep some herbs to dress the dish. Do not add any dressing just yet as it will wilt your herbs.

3)Give your steak ten minutes to rest then cut finely into strips

4)Now add your dressing to your mixing bowl and cover all the ingredients

5) Add to your plate and then finely cut steak on top. Finish off with more mint and coriander.


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Ingredients €0.00 (2 Servings)

  • Organic Steak Rump / Rib Eye / Fillet / Ranch 250 gs
  • Red Pepper finely sliced (half a pepper) .5 units
  • Yellow Pepper finely sliced (half a pepper) .5 units
  • Honey Squeeze 1 unit
  • Cherry tomatoes hand full - choped 1 unit
  • Papaya - (bowl of green / half a normal) ideally green if not normal .5 units
  • Broccoli, tender stems or purple kind a few heads units
  • Fresh mint hand full ripped 1 unit
  • Fresh coriander hand full ripped 1 unit
  • Soy Sauce dark 3 tbsps
  • Rice wine vinegar 1 tbsp
  • Garlic one bulb minced 1 unit
  • Ginger half CM minced 1 unit
  • Fresh red chilli finely choppped 1 unit
  • Lime juice taste then adjust with lime units
  • Palm sugar 1 tsp

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  1. Maureen Reply

    This looks fantastic. Just perfect for a summer evening.

  2. Ralph Reply

    looks very tasty. Do you have to use a papaya?

    • One Hungry Man Reply

      You can pretty much put what ever you like into any salad. I think mixing it up and keeping the Asian theme can’t hurt. If you only have normal veg, then do use that. It’s the dressing that brings this out and using a protein on your salad to bulk it out and keep it healthy.

  3. Jo Reply

    Looks delicious! Will definitely give it a try! Reminds me of the salads which i had in Cambodia! 🙂

    • One Hungry Man Reply

      It’s a lovely, light, fresh, tasty salad! A sure winner and it’s got meat in it! 🙂

  4. vIv Reply

    This looks fabulous. Can’t wait to try it!