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Oregano & lemon roast rump of lamb with salsa verde

I love to eat lambykins. Lamb is my favourite meat by a long shot. When I see the little lambs gayly bouncing through the fields, I don’t think ‘ahh how cute’, I think;  how long would it take to eat you and how would I go about it…?

This is a brilliant quick dish that can be used for a week night quicky or a dinner party show stopper. Great citrus and herb flavours, soft pink lamb, with a few dollops of strong salsa verde, keeps this as fresh as the day the lamb went to meet its maker, or consumer in this case…. oops!


You can make this from first chop to first mouth full all within an hour. It’s possible to get away with half an hours marinading, that will work, but if you have time then two hours or so will give it more depth and allow the lemon juice to soften and start to break down the proteins in the lamb, making it even more tender.

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How to make

1) Trim the thick layer  of fat on the lamb, you only want a few mill left and then cut into the top layer making little gullys in the fat – this will allow the marinade to soak through

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2) Juice your lemon, reserving a teaspoon for the salsa verde, finely chop the oregano and mash two garlic cloves, mix in a bowl with some olive oil and add your lamb rumps and rub the marinade all over. Let it sit in the fridge in a non-reactive bowl for as long as you can.

3)Once marinaded, take the lamb out and seal on all sides and start to render the top layer of fat out. Once all sides are sealed and coloured slightly, around 4 minute in total, put in a hot oven, around 210 fan and roast for around 15 minutes for medium. This needs to be served pink or will start to get tough. You want the core temperature between 62 – 65 Celsius.

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4) Whilst the lamb is roasting, chop all the remaining herbs finely, using a mandolin will make quick work of this. At first it looks like you have way to much herbage, once you start chopping it the actual volume will decrease dramatically. Once the herbs have been cut cover in oil and mix immediately, this will  prevent the herbs going brown.

5) Mix in one pounded / minced garlic clove, the anchovy fillets, finely chopper capers, teaspoon of lemon juice, black pepper and salt if needed. The anchovy should take care of this so taste first!

6) Once the lamb is cooked, let it rest covered on a warm plate for around 8 minutes. Cut the rumps in three equal strips lengthways and plate up and smother in the fresh salty salsa verde. Serve with green beans, mash, or what ever takes your fancy.

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You will be back for more after getting your chops into this one!




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Ingredients €0.00 (4 Servings)

  • Rump of lamb 4 rumps around 250/300gr each 4 units
  • Fresh Oregano leaves stripped and finely chopped - 10 stalks 1 unit
  • SALSA VERDE units
  • Lemon juiced 1 unit
  • Sea / Maldon salt 1 tsp
  • Black pepper 1 tsp
  • Garlic clove 1 crushed units
  • Anchovy fillet 4 units
  • Fresh mint 1 bunch from supermarket .5 units
  • Flat leaf parsley 1 bunch from supermarket 1 unit
  • Olive oil - best you can find 120 mls

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