salt beef edit in bun

Salt beef in buns, one for the weekend

Salt beef

Salt beef is a deli classic and if you think ‘yeah I know all about it’ as I’ve bought some from the supermarket, then stop, think again. The wafer thin, pathetic slices are not what salt beef is about; big thick chunks is what you deserve. Don’t let anyone tell you different.  Always cook twice what you think you need, as it’s impossible to stop eating the stuff. This is a fail safe way to the perfect deli bun.

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LambRump1503 (26)

Oregano & lemon roast rump of lamb with salsa verde

I love to eat lambykins. Lamb is my favourite meat by a long shot. When I see the little lambs gayly bouncing through the fields, I don’t think ‘ahh how cute’, I think;  how long would it take to eat you and how would I go about it…?

This is a brilliant quick dish that can be used for a week night quicky or a dinner party show stopper. Great citrus and herb flavours, soft pink lamb, with a few dollops of strong salsa verde, keeps this as fresh as the day the lamb went to meet its maker, or consumer in this case…. oops!

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Chicken, leek & tarragon pie

Chicken, leek and tarragon pie

Easy mid-week meal, without as much fat as a normal pie!

We all love pie of some sort. Some love thick dense, jelly filled meat pies, some love a lemon and meringue pie, others like something with pastry on top, some sweet some savory. Everyone loves a bit of pie!

This is my quick, (slightly healthier) chicken, leek and tarragon pie, perfect for a mid week meal or if you have a few mouths to feed in one swoop. Try this, you will love it. I’ve used stock instead of milk and lighter /low fat soft cheese to ensure the sauce is creamy and rich.

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veast large2

Village East, Bermondsey Street

If I’m in the London Bridge area and Borough Market is open, I have to go and have a nosy about. It’s like being in Rome and not visiting the Vatican or the magnificent Colosseum, not going to the market is a cardinal sin.

So, after strolling around for a bit we headed off to Bermondsey Street to find somewhere to sit down so we could  be fed and watered. We ended up at Village East . Being a little jaded from Friday night we needed two things:

  1. Meat of some sort
  2. Bloody Mary, strong and spicy

As Village East prides itself on a varied brunch menu and a few types of Bloody Mary, we dived in to get a meat fix and drink off the shakes.

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Onglet, do it like the French..


The Onglet as its known by the French and often the Hanger Steak by us in Blighty is cut from the diaphragm, hence the hanging term, if the cow didn’t have its skin on it would pretty much hang down. It’s one of the cheapest cuts on the animal and not often seen on menus. However it has been making an appearance in a few new cool and trendy places across the land.

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