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I rate all the places I eat on their own merits; what is offered for the money and what I expect in return. I think that is a fair rule to go by.

If I’m dining in a local café and I have a homemade burger that cost me 8 quid and it’s one the best juiciest, tastiest, freshest burgers I’ve had for a while and the staff were helpful and I had a great time, this will get a tip top rating.

On the flip side if go somewhere and end up paying top dollar where they pride themselves on the best service, the best food, the best overall experience and I find it doesn’t deliver this will get a lower rating than the lovely café that I just ate the imaginary burger in. However I could be blown away and be left dumfounded at what an out of this world time I had stuffing my face all things nice!

I hope that helps spreads some light on how I see these things.

I'll rate places I eat out of ten using the Hungry Man Shield score


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