Asian BBQ Steak Salad #BetterBBQ

Asian BBQ Steak Salad #BetterBBQ Following on from my Organic Meat Masterclass post, I’ve written a quick and easy salad. This salad is no ordinary salad; it has steak, fresh herbs, sweet, hot and sour dressing and looks the business with all it’s vibrant colours.

Truffle and Chestnut Risotto – this is serious eating!

Truffle and Chestnut Risotto This easy dish is a serious game changer for anyone who thinks they can cook a good risotto; with two extra ingredients you can take a wonderful risotto bianco to its peak. I don’t think you can match this one. Fresh black truffle and sweet chestnuts are perfect partners.

Wild garlic butter

Following on from my introduction to wild garlic this week, I thought I would add a very quick recipe idea, wild garlic butter. Well, it’s almost not a recipe, more of a fridge or freezer staple.

Oregano & lemon roast rump of lamb with salsa verde

I love to eat lambykins. Lamb is my favourite meat by a long shot. When I see the little lambs gayly bouncing through the fields, I don’t think ‘ahh how cute’, I think;  how long would it take to eat you and how would I go about it…? This is a brilliant quick dish that […]

Chicken, leek & tarragon pie

Chicken, leek and tarragon pie Easy mid-week meal, without as much fat as a normal pie! We all love pie of some sort. Some love thick dense, jelly filled meat pies, some love a lemon and meringue pie, others like something with pastry on top, some sweet some savory. Everyone loves a bit of pie! […]