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Village East, Bermondsey Street

If I’m in the London Bridge area and Borough Market is open, I have to go and have a nosy about. It’s like being in Rome and not visiting the Vatican or the magnificent Colosseum, not going to the market is a cardinal sin.

So, after strolling around for a bit we headed off to Bermondsey Street to find somewhere to sit down so we could  be fed and watered. We ended up at Village East . Being a little jaded from Friday night we needed two things:

  1. Meat of some sort
  2. Bloody Mary, strong and spicy

As Village East prides itself on a varied brunch menu and a few types of Bloody Mary, we dived in to get a meat fix and drink off the shakes.

Village East has a wrought industrial edge, which surprisingly  looks comfortable and inviting; lots of iron and steel bent and twisted to form the fixtures. The tables out the back were old and chairs all random. I felt a bit like Goldilocks as the first two chairs were so low that my chin was on the table and one other so high that I  couldn’t get my knees under. Unlike Goldilocks,  I planned on paying for my grub and not ransacking someone’s kitchen for my own greed, Goldilocks was a bad child!



They have an open kitchen towards the rear and an old sideboard that they use as the pass. Some open kitchens are naff, this is full of flames, great smells and gives you the right amount of theater which makes you very hungry indeed.


The industrial charm works here. Lots of the walls are fixed with old doors that are made up to look like panels, even the Dyson Air blade in the men’s had an industrial work over.



The food and drink


Starter -Cucumber Bloody Mary with Jalapeño Tabasco

green bloody mary1The cucumber is as fresh as slap in the chops on a November morning and you can taste it. The Jalapano Tabasco gives it a gentle punch of heat and adds to the freshness of the cucumber.


Cheese and bacon burger  (served as you wish, they are not precious about serving it medium-rare)

whole plate


The burger was brilliant; bacon was thick and very smokey, so good I've given you a close up below so you can salivate. The best burger I've had in a long long time.

Unfortunately, they put your chips in one of those stupid metal plant pots, they look awful  with chips in. They are meant for storing the £1.99 cactus you bought around Christmas time from the petrol station on the M4. They are not a vessel for anything edible, so please don't use them.

This is how bacon in your burger should look; thick, crisp and meaty


baconWarm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

brownSoft warm gooey chocolate, rich and deep with a good cocoa bitterness, nom nom!


Hungry Man scores

eight out of ten


Village East is a great place for brunch, lunch or dinner, the place is always packed which shows how popular it is, more so in an area where there is a wealth of great places to feast in. The burger was top notch, I mean really really good. I'll certainly be back...



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  1. Mick J (Brighton, UK) Reply

    Sounds fantastic, Next time I am in London I will be visiting Village East to hunt down one of those burgers. I wish I had one now.. Nice write up BTW.

    • One Hungry Man Reply

      Thanks, Mick. Feel free to follow me on twitter for regular foodie things; OneHungryMan.

  2. Francois LeBoeuf Reply

    I said I would be watching out for more and i’m glad I have seen this 🙂 It look fabulous, not just the burger but quite fun decor too, doesn’t seem pretentious or overly ‘shabby chic’. I will check it out tomorrow as I don’t live to far from SE1. What was the damage on the bill though? Expensive? Nice photo of the kitchen area. I can kind of smell the burger cooking!

    • One Hungry Man Reply

      It’s very down to earth, not ‘poncy’ in the slightest, we all felt at home and in love with the burgers, Umm Burger…
      I’ve put a few links so can check out the menu and price list, around 25 a head with drinks, not bad for a few hours fun!

  3. mad dog Reply

    Great blog. 🙂
    That bloody Mary looks mazers.

    • One Hungry Man Reply

      Was a tasty drop indeed! Glad you enjoy it, Mad Dog.

  4. Almister Reply

    Looks yummy food! I will have to go, cant beat a good burger! 🙂