Wild garlic butter

Following on from my introduction to wild garlic this week, I thought I would add a very quick recipe idea, wild garlic butter. Well, it’s almost not a recipe, more of a fridge or freezer staple.

wild garlic butter

Once I have made this and rolled it up into a long sausage I freeze it and slice of what I need as and when.

It’s great on a steak, mixed in with some tenderstem broccoli, or perfect with asparagus as they are bang in season for the next six or so weeks. Spread on some ciabatta then grill with a little parmesan for cheesy garlic bread, the list is endless!

If you do have a blender, use it as will help the butter and garlic to mix to create the  glorious chlorophyll green

How to make

1) Make sure the butter is room temperature / soft, but not melted as will separate once cooled again.

2) Add the garlic and butter to the blender or food processor and blitz in stages. The butter will get caught up around the blades so you will need to get a spoon in, pull it out and blitz again.

– if you don’t have a blender or food processor, use a sharp knife or ideally a mezzaluna. You don’t want to crush the garlic, more cut it finely. Mix in a bowl with the butter and get your hands in. Messy business, so maybe hop on Amazon  and spend 20 quid on a mini blender as you will use this over and over again.


3) Line it up on some cling film on a rough log shape and don’t cut the cling film yet keep it flowing from the container and then roll it up and it will form a sausage shape. Cut the cling film then take hold of each end and roll the ‘sausage’ and watch it take on a perfect log shape.


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Ingredients €0.00 (1 Servings)

  • Wild garlic small bunch units
  • Unsalted butter cut into small cubes 200 gs
  • Black pepper half a teaspoon gs
  • Sea / Maldon salt only use if have unsalted butter gs

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